A few days ago I went through an old box of pictures that left me a little depressed. Just to see all of the people and places that my music had taken me. From Maine to New Mexico, it’s still hard for me to believe that I was so blessed to be able to do this. 

A few years ago, I had to stop due to some medical problems. Even though I wasn’t traveling anymore, I kept writing but I missed being on the road with my friends, but I don’t guess I gave up. This year, I recorded a box set CD (26 To Life), 34 songs and 27 of the songs are songs that I wrote. I think it’s for the old timers, young people don’t know what a CD is. 

About 12 yrs ago, I had to walk away from my music. I was very angry. I had a few cysts taken off of my vocal cords and went for a without being able talk. I had to just sit down, but God knows what he’s doing. Not long after that, I turned out some of my best work. I teamed up with Kat Korac from Nashville TN and wrote a beautiful children’s book titled, “Dooley the Rooster (Pigs Can’t Dance)” We even wrote some wonderful songs that go with it. I also pinned my testimony, “The Music Note” and put together a CD to go with it called “Songs from The Music Note and Friends”. I even teamed up with Doug Hudson and wrote some great songs. I also got Jackie Atkins to co-write “When we lose an Angel” one of my favorite songs. 

Next March I’ll be 70 and I’m hoping to get back out on the road. I have really missed it. I love singing small churches. The ones where you get to shake everybody's hand. Maybe even go back to Texas. It was one of the highlights of my life getting to sing at the Little George Havens cowboy camp. I still have some great friends there.